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Product Care

Product Care:

All jewelry can be cleaned with jewelry cleaner. Whitening toothpaste does work, but don't use it for a long time because it can eventually eat away at some metals. Crystals and glass beads are fragile and can break! Please put them on while either sitting on the bed or standing on a carpet (that way if you accidentally drop them, they most likely won't break). I do not recommend wearing the jewelry while bathing or swimming. If you forget to take it off, just be sure to dry it off as fast as you can, then rub any areas with jumprings with a tiny bit of oil, then wipe the oil off with a paper towel. The oil will keep the jumprings from rusting. All sewn items (clothing, bags, purses, etc..) can be washed on the gentle cycle with warm or cold water, then either tumbled dry on low heat or hung to dry. If what you're washing has any metal parts, you can place it in a pillowcase to prevent the metal parts from beating up the machines.

Remember: I do offer FREE repairs for life. If something breaks and you need it fixed, do not hesitate to send it back along with a note stating what repair you need done. I will be happy to fix it for you :)